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Natural Gas and Propane Gas systems should have as few joints as possible and, more importantly, those joints should be located above ground wherever possible. The X-Riser® with an integral service head adapter accomplishes both of these criteria. The use of an X-Riser® removes a minimum of two below grade joints per riser when compared to that of a standard pigtail style anodeless riser. In addition, those joints buried below ground are now moved to a single above grade joint, eliminating the risks and liabilities associated with below grade joints.

With the use of the X-Riser® system, gas is distributed from main to meter, meter to appliance, or propane tank to house with a solid (jointless) underground pipe. Combining this philosophy with the long list of features & benefits of the Sealastic® sealing technology makes the X-Riser® the most reliable, safest, and most cost effective method for gas piping systems.

The X-Riser® Difference

The illustration below shows a typical after-the-meter installation comparing the use of the X-Riser® to a traditional prebent pigtail style riser. Note that the X-Riser® removes a total of ten joints and, most importantly, eliminates the four joints buried below grade.  With the X-Riser® swivel capabilities, we also remove the need for a union and nipple to make the connection above grade. The removal of below grade joints also eliminates the need for stab couplings, chamfering tools, fusion couplings, fusion equipment, and the time/labor associated with the fusion process.

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